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    Here’s my take on this last game. Coach Clifford erred in not sending in Lin at the last two or one minute of the last quarter. So what if he had 4 fouls. Heat’s Whiteside had four fouls too but he was sent in. Why was Lin presence at the last few minutes of the 4th quarter important? Because both teams were in foul troubles. Lin could make outside shot or penetrate the paint and score or fish for foul allowing him to make those free throws which he’s very good at. Most of all, Lin was successful in guarding Wade in th second half causing him scoreless. Wade made those last shots at the close of the last quarter because Lin was not there instead Courtney Lee who still has to show his worth for being acqquired by Hornets. Just because he was the hero in Game 5 doesn’t mean he’s among the best players in the team. Lin should have been in together wth Kemba instead of Lee who was unable to stop wade. Lee scored only 2 points despite playing long minutes more than Lin.


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