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    Takis (TKS)

    This is the first time I’m posting a comment. I like the expression liberty but sometimes makes no sense especially when people going beyond the bounds … Anyway … Would you be kind enough to let me know 1. What happened to the torrent files (of each game) you were releasing together with the replay edition ?!!! 2. What happened to the “solution” that each game had 4 parts (720p – HD) and the total size of each of the games was going up to 3.2 Gb in mp4 format ?!!! Using a Web downloader we could download all 4 parts and play them back in a big TV screen and the quality was more than acceptable compare to today’s single part of 1.2 Gb which may be good for a tablet /smartphone or PC monitor but way too far to be played in a big TV set (over 24″). Is there anyway that we can enjoy again the same “benefits” or am I asking too much especially when all these goodies are for FREE !!! One way or another I feel that first of all I have to thank you that you providing us all these wonderful things (for FREE) also I need to thank you for yr consistency for being here each and every morning ready to offer us yr amazing work(s) … Be well … Stay well … Have a very good day and a pleasant evening n night wherever you are whatever you do !!!

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      You’re welcome, so I’m having trouble to find the torrent links for all games in the last few weeks and I’m trying to fix this issue (anyway you can ask me for which game you want the torrent link in the tvrex chat, and I’ll try to get you the link), for right now I can’t post the games in 4 part, but I’ll post two players for each game, where one player has the game in 540p and the other in 720p, so you can use your downloader plugin to download the game in 720p, thanks for understanding


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